Bernie Sanders, along with Donald Trump, gets the support of Michigan where the largest number of Arab-American population can be found. While Trump calls for the banning of Muslims in the United States, Sanders vowed that the reality TV celebrity will not win in scapegoating the minorities.

In the presidential primary held Tuesday night, Michigan voters handed an upset win to Sanders and launched Trump, winning three states throughout the primary night. This surprising result keeps Sanders in the race while making Trump nearly run away as a Republican nominee.

Sanders got 59 percent of the votes against fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 39 percent from the Dearborn voters where 41 percent are Arab-Americans, IB Times reported.

Many of Sanders’ campaign strategies had focused more in Dearborn. Events were held often, criticizing Clinton’s role in the change of regime in Libya, including her track record on trade. He also condemned his opponents from the Republican party through a radio ad in Arabic he released,  The Guardian reported.

In his last swing in Michigan last Monday, Sanders spoke to the crowd about his meeting with some Arab-American leaders. He vowed that Trump, including his supporters, will not prevail in scapegoating the minority communities. Sanders further said he will put an end to the bigotry in this country.

Meanwhile, Trump went ahead of John Kasich by 10 points or 39 percent against Kasich’s 29 percent. This result comes in the midst of the issue regarding Islamophobia, making the Arab-American community take much of the people’s worry toward the terror groups. In fact, a number of possible hate crimes against the community have been reported throughout the country.

Sanders may have won in the Michigan primary, but the Michigan Republicans reflected the thoughts shared by most of GOP voters. According to them, they are supporting Trump and his plan to ban temporarily the Muslims from coming in the US.