Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a flight to Singapore and Australia to make sure it expands new markets. The visit to Australia is one of the series of visits of the PM for three weeks in a row. The PM intends to strengthening ties with the two nations to launch new markets.

While Benjamin Netanyahu took the flight to the two nations on Sunday, there have been reports of prominent Aussies opposing the PM’s visit. Starting from business tycoons, religious leaders, former politicians, academicians, lawyers, and entertainers, Aussies from all professional spheres have opposed the visit.

According to the Australians, the Israeli prime minister’s visit to the nation will mean favoring policies, which “provoke, intimidate and oppress” the people of Palestine. This, as a result, will restrict the Middle East from attaining complete peace.

This is the first time when a sitting prime minister of Israel will be visiting Singapore and Australia. Benjamin Netanyahu was at the weekly cabinet meeting where he interacted with the media before leaving for the nations. “What we are doing is to strengthen Israel’s standing in the world, and this was apparent during my visit in Washington, as it was during my previous visits to the Islamic world and now to Australia and other major powers in Asia,” the PM said.

“And it is clear that there is also an economic aspect here – to open new markets. This is one of the things that contribute to strengthening Israel’s economy.”

Approval of Controversial Palestinian Law

The visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to Australia has come weeks after the Israel government passed a controversial law that proposed retroactive legalizing of 4000 settlers’ homes that have built on privately owned Palestinian land, the Sydney Morning Herald mentioned. The plans of the Aussie visit of the prime minister has been opposed internationally while igniting steamy debated about Australia’s approach to Israel policies.

Recently, US President Donald Trump negatively responded on the decade-old policies of the Israel-Palestine issue. Trump said that peace could only be attained through a one-state policy and not two-state solution. Benjamin Netanyahu is being accompanied by wife Sara.

The Israeli prime minister is scheduled to meet his Aussie counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull. He will also meet Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and other leaders. Benjamin Netanyahu has planned a four-day visit to Australia starting Wednesday. On the other hand, he would land in Singapore on Monday morning and proceed to the presidential palace to meet President Tony Tan Keng Yam. He will then visit Singaporean PM Lee Hsien Loong.

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