Fans waiting for a Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell wedding could be heartbroken as recent reports suggest that the couple have split.

A report from Inquisitr relays that Ben Higgins still has feelings for “The Bachelor” runner up Jojo Fletcher. The article elaborates that watching Jojo fall for a new guy in “The Bachelorette” is hard for Ben.

The site’s report, which comes from Wetpaint, quotes an anonymous source in saying “Ben’s realizing he’s still very much in love with JoJo and those feelings may never go away. Ben thinks he may have picked the wrong woman … He questions whether he would have been happier being engaged to her.”

According to Wetpaint, part of Ben and Lauren’s problem is their constant fighting. A frequent source of the said fighting is that Lauren still hasn’t forgiven Ben for loving Jojo. The report also suggests that Lauren is missing her friends in Los Angeles and this homesickness is making her complain almost every time.

Wetpaint’s source dishes that these complaints make Ben miss Jojo even more, since he recalls how easygoing she was.

Despite the rumor, Wetpaint remains skeptical given that Ben and Lauren’s social media presence indicate that there’s no trouble in paradise at all.

Hollywood Take‘s report is also contradicting this latest rumor. According to the website, Ben and Lauren are very happy and remains engaged.

If the couple’s vibrant social media feed will be believed, this breakup rumor is nothing but a poor attempt to disrupt a rather beautiful relationship.

Still, even if these rumors are false, one of the things that bothers their fans is the absence of a wedding date.

A major reason why nothing may be in place yet is because the couple wants something fabulous. As per the Inquisitr article, Ben was once quoted in saying that he wants a big reception and a “big ass party.”

If Ben is dedicated to pursue the idea, then fans can expect a Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell wedding to be the stuff of dreams.