The Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner love story still hasn’t reached its real world ending. Thirteen months after the couple announced their divorce, they are still very much living together. Though Ben Affleck has camped out in the guest house, the two are still sharing the same property along with their three kids.

The two met on the set of Pearl Harbor but fell in love with each other while filming Daredevil. Both were just reeling from breakups. Garner was emerging from her divorce with Alias co-star, Scott Foley while Ben Affleck has just ended his engagement with Jennifer Lopez.

After 10 years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce a day after their 10th anniversary. While it’s been over a year since that day, nothing has progressed in terms of paperwork for the two.

After the announcement, Ben Affleck was rumored to be having an affair with their kids’ nanny, Christine Ouzounian. However, Jennifer Garner has denied that the affair had to do anything with their decision to split.

She maintained that the nanny was never part of it and that the affair. Though it may have happened, it took place long after their announcement. She has also clarified that she does not hate Ben. Furthermore, the two have decided to be friends and do co-parenting for their three kids. They have two daughters, Violet, 10, and Seraphina, 7, and a son, Samuel, 4.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has nothing but praises for Jen. He insists on living on the property in a separate guesthouse. If anything, Ben might have found encouragement in the good and kind words Jennifer had for him in her Vanity Fair interview.

Jennifer was generous in using superlatives to describe the man she married. She even likened his love to the sun.

While the two were seen in Paris very much in love and kissing, there is still no official confirmation on whether the two will be back anytime soon.

If anything, the fact that their divorce is not going anywhere more than a yer after the announcement, fans of the Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner story can still hope that things will work out. The Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner love story may still get its happily ever after ending.