If you like watching Modern Family, then the Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner love story reads like one of the scripts for the show. In an interview, the mother of three divulges how their modern family dynamics work. Here are five reasons why they’re the current example of the modern family in contemporary America.

From One Divorce to Another

The Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner love story started on a movie set. Both were fresh from breakups. Ben Affleck was reeling from movie flops while holding up against a highly publicized breakup with Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner was on the process of moving on from her divorce with Alias co-star Scott Foley.

The Elopement to Turks and Caicos

Fleeing from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the pair celebrated their marriage by eloping. Instead of setting up a grand wedding to be hounded by paparazzi and gate crashers, the couple opted for a quiet ceremony in the idyllic British island.

Unconventional Separation Setting

After 10 years and three kids, Ben and Jen announced their divorce. However, proceedings remained stagnant, with Ben moving to their guesthouse which was still in the compound of their home.

Aside from sleeping on separate beds under different roofs, nothing much has changed. The two have agreed to put the kids first and do as much co-parenting as they can despite having the divorce looming in the corner.

One Team, One Family

Despite the pending divorce, Ben and Jen’s way of handling their separation shows the modernity of their affair. While the usual Hollywood breakups mean bitter divorce proceedings, legal hurdles to bar the kids from the supposed erring party and a never-ending blame game, Ben and Jen have chosen to take the less traveled path in Hollywood. They remained friends without making it a ruse. They still remained one team as a family because they have to be, Jennifer admits in a Today show interview.

Divorcees Co-Parenting

While broken families are the norm for Hollywood, the way Ben and Jennifer are handling it is what makes it modern. Also mature, some might add. The divorce is at a standstill, with rumors going that Ben Affleck is still trying his best to woo Jennifer back. The Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner love story is still hanging in there. It remains to be determined whether theirs will prove to be a cautionary tale or a contemporary version of a happily ever after ending.