Ben Affleck might have second thoughts about his divorce from wife Jennifer Garner. Yet it doesn’t mean he’s had a change of heart as well.

Radar Online reported insider information that revealed the actor couldn’t afford a divorce. As it turns out, the amount of money that’s at stake is too much. Hence, he’s opted to work things out with Garner in an attempt to keep his wealth. His love for the family and care for his wife seemed to come next.

“Ben can’t afford to divorce. Now that Jen’s deal is on the table, he’s beginning to realize she’s going to leave him flat broke and there’s nothing he can do about it,” the insider told the publication.

“The only solution he’s got to keeping his fortune is to patch things up with her. But it’s not solely about cash — he does love their family and he and Jen do genuinely care for each other,” the insider added. However, his plan might not be foolproof as the likely hindrance to pulling it off would be Jennifer Garner, the publication noted. it seems his wife has yet to get over “his dalliances and her [own] bitterness,” the insider revealed. The couple announced their separation in 2015 after ten years of marriage. At the time, sources revealed it was Affleck’s decision to do so.

“[Affleck] is quite literally banking on her coming around because if she rejects him, he’s going to have to start rebuilding his bank balance from scratch!” the source said. While a divorce would certainly dig into Affleck’s net worth, Gossip Cop revealed the rumor about his greed is not true. The publication cited insider information from a source who’s in on the situation between the estranged couple.

Although Affleck and Garner have no plans to reunite, “there’s real love and admiration” between them, the source revealed to the publication. Moreover, “they are both well off,” thus it’s not likely for Ben Affleck to “go ‘broke’” should the divorce push through, the source added.

Affleck and Garner continue to maintain a friendly relationship and are often seen together in public with their children. Although this might spark reunion rumors, sources speculate that it might be a PR stunt to raise interest in their respective film projects.