A British student has accused the Belgian police cops for mentally and physically abusing him.

Elliot James Meredith said that he was bruised and tortured by five Belgian cops for two hours. The 21-year-old, an intern in the Belgian capital, said he was handcuffed and beaten repeatedly by the officers.

Police has launched an investigation as per the claims by the student and has not specified any further update about it.

Elliot was with his five friends in Tandoori Village takeaway in the Sint-Gilles area of Brussels around 2.40am. They were all stopped and threatened by the police, he claimed.

Because of the unjust treatment, he asked and complained to one officer, who was recording a video of one of his friends being beaten. Officer did not seem happy about his gesture and deliberately hit him.

“What appeared to be about three other officers then approached me and tried to manhandle me to the floor. I was forcibly pinned up against a doorway when Officer 5 then approached and proceeded to punch me directly in the face with a blow that I thought had broken my nose.” Elliot told Mirror Online.

“I blanked out for a second and they smashed my head onto the floor at which point I was handcuffed and held down. As if this restraint was not enough, Officer 4 knelt his full weight on my skull so it was pushing against the pavement and has caused significant bruising and swelling beneath my hair line on the left hand side of my skull.” he added.

elliot bruisedTrivesh Sharma | Australia Network News

During the alleged torture, the police officials took the handcuffs off and provoked him to fight with one of the officers. They sneered at him and then knocked him down.

As per the claims, he was forced to admit a fake crime of assaulting a police officer with no reason.

Elliot’s lawyer, Zouhaier Chihaoui, said, “I will be making a complaint to the juge d’instruction [magistrate responsible for conducting the investigative hearing that precedes a criminal trial].

“The facts are very serious and I believe they amount to torture.” Chihaoui said in a report filed by BBC.

Elliot shared a post on his Facebook account about the same.