The NSW Fair Trading has received a complaint against the crowning of Miriam Mehajer as Miss Lebanon Australia on Saturday following a contest judge’s denial of rating her at a beauty pageant.

Mary, another name used to address Miriam, is the sister of ex-deputy Auburn Mayor Salim Mehajer. His apparent influence was said to be the reason that his sister was awarded the title of Miss Lebanon Australia. NSW’s Fair Trading has confirmed the receipt of a complaint of content-fixing and is assessing the reports. Some of the reports have claimed that the mayor’s sister entered the contest only three weeks before the ceremony that was held at Doltone House, Pyrmont and after the deadline of the contestants’ final registration.

According to 9News, the event was sponsored by the former mayor’s business with his sister Aiisha, who constituted the organising committee. The director of the beauty pageant event, Joe Khoury, does not seem threatened by the legal proceedings filed by the contestants. He claimed that he was not bothered by the investigation as the rules for the contest were the same as any other beauty pageant.

One of the five judges at the event, David Carr, told The Daily Telegraph that he did not shortlist Mehajer’s sister but that does not confirm the event was fixed. “I certainly didn’t rate her and I felt there were far better contestants but then my count is only one-fifth of the count so who knows?” he explained.

The NSW Fair Trading spokesman confirmed to that it has received the complaint regarding the beauty pageant and proceeded with the investigation.

Mehajer was regarded as the king of controversies in 2015. He made the news for blocking busy streets on his wedding day to make it an extravagant event while disturbing the daily lives of the Australians. Recently, he was found screaming and shouting while knocking at a house’s door in Wollongong, which was supposed to be owned by a family member of his wife, Aysha. Reports stated that he demanded the keys be given back to a car driven by his wife.