Catherine and Vincent had to cut short their honeymoon in Paris because Heather and JT are at the crosshairs of a killer, Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 1 recap revealed.

After trusting the government in protecting his secret in the last season of the series, the couple decided to go on a much-needed vacation. However, a leak from a blogger threatened to reveal the secret of the beasts. JT saw the post and immediately shared to Tess in alerting Vince and Cat about the new danger. However, Tess didn’t believe that the couple was in danger so she warned JT against disturbing their honeymoon.

According to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 1 recap, JT was still convinced that Vince and Cat were in trouble so he turned to Heather for advice.

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Heather instead suggested that they break into the house of the blogger and find something incriminating to destroy his credibility and keep the secret of the beasts under wraps. However, when they arrived, they stumbled into the body of the blogger. Worse, the killer saw them as well.

They barely escaped alive, with Heather sustaining an injury after falling from the apartment. Nevertheless, they have now become the target.

JT then called up Cat and Vincent and told them about the situation, to the dismay of Tess. However, the couple is now on the case and decided to bring the killer out in the open by setting up a trap, added the news site’s Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 1 recap.

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The plan backfired when the killer abducted Cat. Luckily enough, they found a killer’s knife that gave Vince clues as to his identity: a hunter who seemed to think that the beast would be the ultimate score. Based on the clues, they found the killer and after a fight, neutralized him with poetic justice.

According to Variety, Beauty and the Beast will be cancelled after season 4. The network has ordered for only 13 episodes. Meanwhile, Beauty and the Beast season 4, episode 2 will air on June 9 on CW. Watch out for a recap after its airing. The synopsis of that episode can be found here.