This Russian model is just 10 years of age and is already known as the “most beautiful girl in the world.” What’s more, the 10-year-old Kristina Pimenova has already landed a contract with L.A. Models for its ‘Youths’ section. However, her spectacular shots receive a lot of “sexualised comments” and more often than not, the mother is blamed.

Glikeriya, Kristina’s mother, posts photographs of her daughter on Instagram and Facebook. These have attracted criticisms, negativity and sexual remarks. According to Daily Mail, many are criticising the mother for getting her girl to model at such a young age in the first place. They are also critical of the photos that her mum posts on Instagram. One of the photographs features the young Pimenova in leopard print hot pants and it has drawn sharp criticism from all corners, with some parents saying “treating a child like an adult, taking adult style photos is so wrong.”


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“You are sexifying your daughter and parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues … also there are so many sick ppl out their that look at these in sexually ways. My child would never ever ever ever ever wear shorts this tight and small ever [sic],” another commenter said. also reports that the posts also attract sick and sexualised comments all over. Glikeriya said that if the comments are too inappropriate, they are immediately deleted. Another Instagram post of this child supermodel has attracted comments like “Do you want to stay with me?” or “sexy legs.”

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How does this affect Kristina Pimenova? Her mum reveals that Kristina does not have access to the social media and hence is shielded from all internet evil. In defence of her daughter, Glikeriya, a former model, has revealed that even if she regularly updates Kristina’s Instagram feed with photos both professional and candid, her daughter, Kristina, does not post anything on the internet.

Pimenova is originally from Moscow. She has already worked for the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. She started her career in modelling at the age of three and walked the catwalks at the age of four, even before she started school. Today, she has an enviable following on social media, accounts that are managed by her mum and manager, Glikeriya.