Beau Ryan’s wife has broken her silence on the cheating scandal that threatened their marriage last year.

“The NRL Footy Show” favoured host, and ex-West Tigers and Cronulla Sharks player was accused of having an affair with former Hi-5 member Lauren Brant. The scandal reached public ears when Brant’s ex-fiance, Warren Riley, broke his silence to “Woman’s Day”.

According to, Kara mother of three-year-old Remi has broken her silence on the alleged affair and is sticking firmly behind her husband.

Kara has come out saying she was “upset and confused” by the situation, but comments that her main concern was her husband.“I was actually more worried for Beau, if I’m honest, It’s not like he was this monster that I just couldn’t be around.”

“The grass isn’t always greener, and whilst it was a difficult situation, running from anything in life is never the answer. I’m probably emotionally stronger than Beau, and I could see how upset he was, so I was more concerned for him and our family.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Riley gave an exclusive interview to Women’s Day, detailing how he found out about the two-timing when looking through Brant’s phone. Beau and Brant kindled an alleged romance when both were performing in “Aladdin and his Wondrous Lamp”. Riley claimed when finding the text messages, Brant owned up to everything. How they had developed a close friendship, and had sexual relations on two occasions after rehearsals.

Beau has neither denied or confirmed allegations.

Beau and Kara took flight to Vietnam after the scandal broke. Away from the media, just the pair and their daughter, the holiday was a way they could reconnect and figure the situation out without any interferences. Beau came back in time for the Footy Show’s grand final night.

When Beau returned to the stage for the Footy Show’s Grand Final night in October, he gave a brief apology to the fans and spectators of the show and league. He also offered thanks and appreciation for those that have respected the couple’s privacy. Beau has also told media he is “embarrassed” about the scandal, and that his main concern was wife and daughter.

“Dealing with the media whilst also supporting Kara was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life”, Beau said.

See Video of Beau’s apology here: