Earlier this year “Battlefield Hardline” acquired a top spot in Australia across all platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation, or PS 4, PC Games, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. This quite popular title was released in March 19 this year.

It was soon after the launch, when Interactive Games and Entertainment Association released a report listing Top 10 games on all platforms. The “Battlefield Hardline” also topped the charts in New Zealand.

So fans of this title will probably be delighted to learn that The Getaway DLC has a lot in store for them. This 3rd DLC, since the launch of the game is bringing with it 12 new weapons and camos. As noted by VG 24/7, the new update also brings with it an import tuner and the Train Dodge, which is the new multiplayer map.

This rocky map features a train line which cuts right at the centre of the map. Besides the rocky landscape, there is also an oil refinery of sorts in place.

Ardent gamers can check out all the 12 new weapons including the G17 Race Pistol, SAR 21 and the Winchester 1888, below. However, there is no word about which of these guns will be available to all players and which of these will arrive locked.

A mechanic gadget has also been thrown in to assist the gamers in this title, which is a first person shooter game developed by Visceral Games and EA Digital Illusions CE. The DLC also brings in a new game mode titled, “Capture the Bag.” You read that right!

With the new vehicle in place, the tutorial introduces ardent gamers to the new map.

The “Battlefield Hardline” is currently available on PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Players can keep coming back for more updates on their favorite games.

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