If you’re like most gamers who looked forward to the Battlefield 1 beta, then the server issues definitely ruined your excitement. We try to gather the latest update on this problem below.

A report from GameSpot details that majority of players encountered the server issues only a day after its roll-out. The source said that the problem exists across all platforms–PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

However, the source further says that the Battlefield 1 beta isn’t the only game encountering the server issue. According to GameSpot, other games from EA Online are also suffering the same. The company’s official support Twitter account relays that they are investigating the issue.

The tweet only goes as far as saying that they are experiencing an outage, without any reason given as to why.

The statement promises an update once they fix the issue. Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Battlefield 1 beta interruption due to attacks?

Despite EA not giving any reason to the server issues, more recent reports suggest of a DDOS attack to EA servers.

According to Game Rant‘s Anthony Taormina, the attack could be a major statement on the Battlefield 1 beta launch. The source had this to say about such possibility:

“It appears this latest DDOS attack is the work of hacking network PoodleCorp. No reason was given for the attack, but it seems a fair assumption to say that the individuals wanted to rain on the Battlefield 1 parade. EA’s World War 1 shooter is easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year and its beta was sure to be a major event.”

True enough, despite the issue, some players expressed that they could still access the beta. According to Twitter user Christopher Hartman (@Christo03114175), he can connect though there’s a prompt saying “matchmaking failed”.

EA Support then responded that things are slowly coming back and a few more tries could do the trick. For now, this remains the sole solution to the server downtime issue.

Nevertheless, if you are experiencing more problems that are unique to what the majority is facing, you can ask EA Support directly. Better yet, you can consult other gamers via this Reddit thread.

Check back for more news on the Battlefield 1 beta.