Following the first online video obtained on Tuesday night, another video footage has been obtained that shows the remaining part of Alton Sterling’s death.

Sterling was shot several times by two white Baton Rouge police officers while he was held on the ground. The federal authorities have been given the responsibility to investigate the matter. The revelation of the incident on a public platform sparked a wave of anger and protest among the masses. However, investigators have requested the public to keep their protests peaceful. Whereas the first video showed the exploitation done to Sterling by police, the second video showed how the two officers replied to a 911 report relating to a man with a gun.

Before he was shot dead by police, Alton Sterling was an individual who had a family, friends, relatives and a personal life.

Fact 1: He was raised by his aunt

Sterling was raised by his aunt Sandra Sterling. After the death of his mother, his aunt brought him up, along with her own son Elliott Sterling. Alton’s cousin told The Washington Post that the victim has a complex life, including difficult childhood days.

Fact 2: He was a good salesman

Sterling worked at the Triple S Food Mart where he used to sell CDs. A Triple S employee, Mufleh Alatiyat, said that he often bought food and drinks for some customers and even gave CDs to some for free. Elliott said that his cousin was a brilliant salesman who had in-depth knowledge about his product.

Fact 3: He was a dedicated cook

Sterling was a cook in his second job at Living Waters Outreach Ministers for a few months. “Whatever he cooked, he cooked enough for everybody,” one of the residents, Calvin Wilson, said as quoted by

Fact 4: He was stained with criminal charges

One of the most shocking records obtained from the court showed that Sterling had faced many criminal charges, including domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property and unauthorized entry, failure to register as a sex offender, etc. In 2009, Sterling was charged with possession of marijuana and his intentions to distribute it along with charges of carrying a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance. This resulted in his five-year imprisonment.

Fact 5: He died a mysterious death

Alton Sterling was physically attacked and exploited by two police officers, which is being considered as yet again a case of whites abusing blacks. However, the reason behind his sudden shooting as well as the revelation of the case on a public platform is still unclear. The police department has claimed that it follows the investigation sequence as done in the case of a common offender. The two officials involved in the matter will be interrogated.

“I’m calling on anybody in this city with any backbone to go and arrest those two officers,” Baton Rouge’s NAACP President Michael McClanahan said. “If the system will work for anybody, let it work for them, too.”