Spoilers and rumours on “Batman vs Superman” continue to circulate on the web. Amidst the rumours, one Internet user claims to have watched the upcoming DC film in a mystery screening.

According to Bleeding Cool, a Reddit user who goes by the name “ViolatingNDA” dropped major spoilers on Reddit’s DC_Cinematic section. In a post, the user revealed winning tickets for a mystery film. As it turned out, it was a screening of “Batman vs Superman.”

These are highlights of the post:

  • The movie was very long – similar in length to “The Force Awakens.” Nonetheless, it wasn’t dragging.
  • The actors’ performances “were all great.” The Reddit user mentioned that people will hate yet admire Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the role, appears “more complex” than in the movie trailers.
  • Likewise, supporting characters played by Jena Malone and Scoot McNairy turned out to be great. Jena’s role was a crippled Barbara Gordon while Scoot was a supporter of Superman.
  • Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne stood out in the film. However, some viewers will see him as a villain as he “enjoys inflicting pain on criminals.” In one scene, he was branding a criminal yet has put on his biggest smile.
  • The Reddit user referred to The Doomsday reveal in the trailer as “the tip of the iceberg.”
  • The first two acts of the film were about “Batman vs Superman.” The third act (user called it “mind blowing”) was entirely about “Dawn of Justice.” By the end of the film, a “fully assembled” Justice League was seen.
  • It’s the “greatest comic book movie” since “The Dark Knight.”

Some parts of the user’s post aren’t entirely new. Earlier in December, it was reported that Doomsday’s appearance is not the final act. Movie Pilot speculated that a bigger villain could be Lex or super villain Darkseid.

With the above-mentioned movie leaks, which do you think will likely occur in the film? Which is not true?

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will hit theatres on March 25, 2016.