DC’s latest offering, the much-hyped “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,” does not have post-credits. Is it because it does not want to follow its rival Marvel or is it because the movie just doesn’t need it?

Batman vs Superman” is close to release yet has been screened a number of times so far by the press or for the premiere. Everyone did notice this one thing missing from the movie—the post-credits scene. Comic Book wonders if the scenes will be added at the last second. Screen Rant wonders the same too, adding that many comic book movies including “Deadpool,” “Ant-Man,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” have waited to add their post-credit scenes until release weekend.

Given the current scenario, only viewers can tell if it is or isn’t there. Many of those who have seen the special screenings believe that it doesn’t make an iota of difference if the movie lacks the post- credits. They opine that it is not there because it is not needed. Comic Book reveals that from what fans are reporting, it seems that “Batman vs Superman” doesn’t need them. In fact, there are many teases and Easter eggs throughout the film’s official runtime that can keep the fans interested and glued to their seats.

The post-credits routine was introduced by Marvel Studios when it released its first ever “Iron Man” movie. Post-credits was a way for Marvel to add scenes during or after the credits to help set the tone for future movies in the series, explains Cinema Blend. The publication adds that the strategy, if deployed by DC, would prove useful as they are currently building their own cinematic universe. Also, many viewers love to wait and watch the extra scenes. However, in the case of DC, they have never done something like this before. Cinema Blend is hopeful and will watch the movie in theatres to see if there actually is a stinger in the end.