“Batman vs Superman” is about to hit theatres next month. And thanks to the Super Bowl 2016, fans finally got to see some “easter eggs” from the movie. Have you seen it?

Watch trailer here:


Such hinted that fans might see more of the Clown Prince, Movie Pilot wrote. If you look closely in the movie trailer, you’ll see a building with the name Ace Chemicals. As reported on the site, Ace Chemicals is important to the Joker’s past.

According to Movie Pilot, the Joker’s story origin still needs confirmation. Before he became a villainous character, the Joker was “a small time crook.” However, Batman accidentally pushed him into a “vat of acid” inside a plant. The plan turns out be Ace Chemicals.

From there, the site mentioned that the acid burns affected the man’s state of mind. Likewise, the acid also bleached his skin and turned his hair green. Thus, the Joker was born.

The latest “Suicide Squad” movie trailer even showed a scene from that building. The site mentioned that the scene where the Joker jumped into a “vat of acid” was reported to take place in Ace Chemicals. This was confirmed through a recently-deleted photo of Margot Robbie’s stunt double.

Movie Pilot further speculated that the Joker will be seen on “Batman vs Superman.” If not, the Ace Chemicals building might be a link to upcoming film, “Suicide Squad.”

As previously reported, Ben Affleck will also appear on “Suicide Squad.” Speaking to Comic Book, Director David Ayer teased that Affleck’s cameo role will involve fighting.

“We made him fight. He’s awesome (as Batman). … You really sense that but for the grace of God he himself would be doing some really foul stuff out in the world,” Ayer said.

Let’s also not forget Affleck’s comment about the connection of the two films.

“It felt like I have such a cool cousin. This thing that is so awesome is somehow related to me, and that was really exciting because it started to feel like a constellation of things, and I’ve never had that feeling,” Affleck told USA Today.