“Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” has taken its promotion up another notch.

Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the movie, surprised fans in the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood when he emerged in the Batmobile. The actor waited inside the Batmobile, which was used on the film set, while guides asked tourists on who they think would win in a fight – Batman or Superman, USA Today wrote.

When someone said “Superman,” Affleck jumped out of the Batmobile with a displeased look on his face.  “Superman doesn’t even have a cool car to put you in. I’ve got like eight of these cars,” Affleck said.

“Superman doesn’t even have a cool car to put you in. I’ve got like eight of these cars,” Affleck said.

One fan also exclaimed, “Are you real?” The actor replied, “I am real!” as the crowd giggles, People magazine reported. Affleck then proceeded to give rides in the Batmobile to other tourists around the studio lot.

Meanwhile, Affleck is also promoting the “Batman v. Superman” charity contest. Anyone who donates at least $10 to Omaze.com will get a chance to ride the Batmobile. Fellow “Batman v. Superman” cast members Henry Cavill (Superman) would give a helicopter ride to the winner while Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) would photobomb the movie’s red carpet along with the winner.

According to USA Today, funds raised by the contest will benefit Eastern Congo Initiative, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and SEED Project. The three charities were picked by Affleck, Cavill and Eisenberg themselves.

Affleck’s stunt with the Batmobile was the third of the three videos by the “Batman v. Superman”cast. Cavill earlier hung out with kids and asked them who between Batman or Superman would win in a fight. Eisenberg also asked the same question to Midtown Comics’ superhero experts.

The DC movie also recently released its final trailer and it featured a tough Bruce Wayne. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” also unveiled a mobile game.

The movie is about to theatres on March 25. Aside from Affleck, Cavill and Eisenberg, it also starred Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Amy Adams as Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane.