Should you watch “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” over the weekend?

Critics have spoken. The reviews are in. And, according to Variety, they are “brutal.”

Entertainment Weekly thought it was  “overstuffed, confusing and seriously crippled by (Jesse) Eisenberg’s over-the-top performance.” A critic from Rolling Stone did think “Dawn of Justice” was better than “Man of Steel.” However, Rolling Stone still thought it paled in comparison to Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy.

Meanwhile, an Indie Wire critic argued that Zack Snyder’s follow-up to “Man of Steel” was messy and “underwhelming.” The showdown between the two Justice League members could have been great. But their fight instead became “cacophonous.” And the movie turned into “one long teaser for the next installment.” The film’s plot, Indie Wire said, “reeks of the usual routine.”

Variety, on the other hand, still thinks you should give the movie a chance. Variety thinks it might be unfair to pit “Dawn of Justice” against “Dark Knight.” Nolan, they pointed out, “turned the comic book tentpole into a work of art.” Snyder achieved something else entirely. With “Dawn of Justice,” he “crafted a popcorn blockbuster roller coaster ride.”

The entertainment site points out that “what [the film] lacks in story, it makes up for through super-sized action…the movie is high on adrenaline.” Deadline agrees. They called the movie “extremely dark but compelling and complex.” The movie, they said, “pits the comic book heroes against each other in ways that make sense.”

To be fair, the critics who were hard on the movie did praise aspects of it. Indie Wire admitted that the movie “does not lack for inspired visuals.” Meanwhile, Rolling Stone thought Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, was a “kick-ass revelation.”

So, do you think you should go check out “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?”