Batman V Superman hits theatres on March 25 in the UK and the US. It premieres in Australia on March 24.

With only a few days before its premiere, Warner Bros. released clips, featurettes, and photos to promote the film even more, Screencrush reported.

Here’s a news roundup for fans who want to learn the latest about Batman V Superman.

The studio recently released two featurettes. The short films examine what drives the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel to do what they do. It also explored their respective mythologies.

Actor Ben Affleck, who plays Batman, earlier admitted that he loves the role. Moreover, he wanted to impress his son Samuel by playing the Caped Crusader.

The website noted how most of the material is a rehash of what’s already been aired. However, it added that there are also new footage worth seeing.

Spoiler TV posted a video from The CW Television Network. It showed various celebrities from the network giving their opinion on who would win.

Actress Caity Lotz from “Legends of Tomorrow” voted for Batman. Lotz said, “There’s a darkness to him and an edge”. In contrast, actress Danielle Panabaker from “The Flash” voted for the Man of Steel. She said, “I would put my money on Superman, because he is the strongest man alive.”

Superman’s vulnerability against kryptonite is well-known. However, actor Henry Cavill, who plays the Man of Steel, revealed earlier that Superman might have another weakness. Hence, it could give Batman an edge in their battle.

Watch the video.

Actress Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the movie, also helped fuel more excitement for Batman V Superman.

The actress recently tweeted an image of her character’s famous accessories, the Bracelets of Submission.

This is the first revelation of Wonder Woman’s armoured bracelets. CNET revealed its power to repel everything from bullets to missiles.