Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill showed up to the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice premiere in Mexico City by dressing up identically. Affleck and Cavill wore matching cream suits to the premiere of their new movie on Saturday,

While these suits weren’t made of latex, there are questions whether the two actors previously planned to pull this fashion stunt, says Dlisted.

However, the complete act proves that while on-screen they are rivals, Affleck and Cavill have similar fashion sense.

The duo was joined by Gal Gadot at the Auditorio Nacional. Gadot portrays Wonder Woman in the Zack Snyder-directed Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

Gadot flashed her cleavage and flesh in a low-cut floral print dress at the premiere of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. It flesh show was more than “chest glimpse,” says Daily Mail.

Affleck plays the Caped Crusader Batman, while Cavill stars as the Man of Steel Superman in the movie. The two actors looked absolutely elegant in their gracious looks.

Cavill, 32, wore a white dress shirt with a three piece suit and maroon striped tie. Affleck, who is 43, dumped the vest and wore a blue tie around his neck, says People.

Both Affleck and Cavill are too busy doing the incessant promotions for this supposedly infinite movie.

Fans are still tensed about how Batman is going to stand a chance against Superman, says Ace Showbiz.

A recent report came out a couple of weeks ago that said Affleck wasn’t excited with the script for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, so he revised it. The script was written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer.

According to a source, Affleck changed the script. “(Ben) would go into wardrobe and get all suited up for the day in his Batman suit. Then he would sit around reworking the script,” he said.

“Ben wasn’t thrilled with it and would find himself on multiple occasions fixing it the day of.”

However, Affleck denied the news and said that he had no idea how such a thing came up.