PlayStation will be introducing Batman and Spider-Man games soon, and its not literally a Batman v Spider-Man game, although there will certainly be a popularity contest.

During a presentation on Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony declared that PlayStation VR will soon have a virtual reality rendition of Rocksteady Studios’ “Batman: Arkham” series.

They have also announced that a brand new Spider-Man adventure from Insomniac Games is landing up on the PlayStation 4.

Peter Phillips is Marvel’s executive vice president of interactive and digital distribution. After Monday’s show, he said that it is about a “franchise approach” to Marvel’s characters.

“We wanted to find a triple-A partner that could really do justice to this character.” Phillips said. “We’ve really been pushing for a new era in gaming.”

The company particularly dedicated the Monday evening presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to talk about games. They projected upcoming games, which will be coming to the PlayStation 4 system.

According to The ABC, Sony took this step after rival Microsoft revealed plans for new versions of its Xbox One system. Microsoft announced that the new Xbox would be slimmer and way stronger than the original Xbox One.

The president and CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, said that the web-slinging superhero action-adventure game would focus on a more seasoned Peter Parker.

It was also announced that the game will not be related to the upcoming film “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

“He’s got a lot of experience fighting crime in New York City,” said Price.

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He also said that fans would see a struggling Peter Parker. Daily Mail says that in the game Peter Parker would be trying hard to cope with the challenges of “balancing a chaotic life with his responsibility that he feels toward the city.”

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Batman: Arkham VR set will be released in October. According to Hey U Guys, the teaser for the game contains narration by Mark Hamill.