Ready for more Kevin Conroy vs Mark Hamill as Batman and the Joker? A new trailer has been released by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics-produced “Batman: The Killing Joke.” Directed by Sam Liu (“All-Star Superman”), the animated feature is an adaptation of the 1988 graphic novel of the same title written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland.

The comics dealt with the Joker trying to drive Commissioner Jim Gordon insane and Batman trying to stop him. The footage from the trailer shows that the animated movie would be very faithful to the graphic novel right down to the iconic panels by Bolland. The feature will also be R-rated, mentions Slashfilm so as to not upset fans who expect all the blood, violence and madness from the graphic novels.

However, like “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” parts I and II, the quality of the animated footage does not feel as rich and glorious as the panels of their graphic novel counterparts. In fact, the animation is very simplistic and basic, which oddly contrasts with the maddening, complex and violent nature of the source comic books.

In the original graphic novel, Moore created his own take on the Joker’s origins. He was a failed stand-up comedian with a pregnant wife. His wife dies in an accident. He gets set up by criminals and suffers a horrific facial disfigurement while trying to escape from Batman. These series of misfortunes drive him mad and vengeful.

In an interview given to Newsweek as quoted by Comic Book Resources, Moore had said that “psychologically, Batman and the Joker are mirror images of each other.” However, he thinks it’s a “terrible book,” one that “doesn’t say anything” about real people or madness in actuality. Tell that to the rabid fans, Mr. Moore!

In live action, Jared Leto will be the latest actor to portray the clown prince of crime in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad.”

The trailer for “Batman: The Killing Joke” can be seen below.