Telltale Games has made a reputation for developing really solid adventure games. The indie game developer previously made a successful one for “The Walking Dead.” Fans have been waiting for their next project for a while now. The company has now ventured into DC territory. It will launch “Batman: A Telltale Series” this year. Will gamers have to wait a little while longer for it?

The gaming community need not hold their breath for it for very long. The series will not be delayed. The video game company will release five “Batman” episodes before the year ends. Telltale has not made public the exact launch dates for each episode.

However, the company did say they intend to release all episodes over the course of the next six months. Fans have been expecting to get their hands on this game from the very start. According to Cinema Blend though, the game’s possible launch schedule actually worried some of them.

Fans reportedly think six months is not enough time for the company to make a solid enough game series. Some are concerned the game’s quality might be sacrificed to meet the deadline. These fans just want the “Batman” series to “maintain solid writing and well paced direction.”

However, according to Game Spot, Telltale creative communications head, Job Stauffer, assured fans their DC adaptation would be as good as their previous games. The company does aim to release all five episodes by December 31st. But Stauffer said their company would never sacrifice quality to meet that goal.

“Having the best content is priority,” he said. “We are committed to a solid cadence of great content… We will work our hardest!”

Stauffer also had something to say to fans who aren’t as patient. “We develop live, so bear with us on [Episode] 5 in December,” he added. “Regardless, you will play the majority of the series this year, if not all of it, after it premieres later this summer.”

When can fans expect “Batman: A Telltale Series” to launch? Telltale Games has yet to confirm a premiere date for it. Stay tuned for updates.