The question of who will win in a showdown between DC comics’ top tier superheroes Batman and Superman is eternally on the minds of fans. From Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” to Jeph Loeb’s “Batman: Hush” and Mark Miller’s “Superman: Red Son,” the Son of Krypton and the Caped Crusader of Gotham has been at each other’s throats. This year, Zack Snyder will bring the two to blows with each other in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Now, star Henry Cavill (Superman) took to some tiny tots to ask who they like the most, Superman or Batman and who will win in a fight. The replies were quite “brutally honest,” amusing, and very adorable.

In the video for the charity fundraising organization Omaze who had previously partnered with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Cavill travels to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and asks kids if they prefer Superman or Batman. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Omaze initiative encourages fans to donate to three nonprofits chosen by Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg. One winner will travel to the red carpet premiere of “Batman v Superman” to hang out with the cast, and all donations help support the Eastern Congo Initiative founded by Ben Affleck (Batman), the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust nominated by Cavill, and the SEED Project nominated by Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor).

“What you like about Superheroes again? You like that they can fly, that they’re super strong, that they can move really fast … they can bend metal and they can shoot lasers from their eyes,” prompted Cavill before assuming “So you like Superman?” “No, Batman,” was the answer from two very cute little girls. Cavill hung his head in shame.

Cavill then fought a losing debate with the girls regarding whether Batman can fly or not. He tried one last time. “What about heat vision, if you can shoot lasers from your eyes, can Batman do that?” One of the Batman fans nodded “yes.”

One boy wearing a hat suggested Superman get some upgrades if he is to win against Batman. “I can teach you tornado kick,” said one of the kids and proceeded to demonstrate the said kick for Cavill. Surprisingly, the kid said he likes villains. There are speculations that the Joker may cameo in “Batman v Superman.” Well, the kid will surely be happy.

Cavill tried one last ditch effort by bribing the little girls by offering a ride with him on a helicopter or a ride with Batman in his Batmobile. The smart girls obviously chose the latter. What was Cavill even thinking, asking a question like that? It’s a no brainer, everybody likes the Batmobile.

Cavill was given some relief though, by a group of three other kids including the one wearing a hat, who all ditched the Batmobile in favour of flying with Superman on a helicopter.

Sadly, most of the kids favoured Batman. Perhaps Superman has lost his relevance to this generation of kids who apparently tend to prefer the more brooding, angry and grim Batman.

Watch the quiz below.