Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick co-star in the recently released movie The Accountant and likely bonded during its production. Thus, would their recent association lead to yet another big screen collaboration via the actor’s Batman solo movie?

Ben Affleck is about to embark on one of his biggest movie projects to date, i.e., the Batman solo movie. Despite its uninspiring title, which could use a bit more imagination, his earlier performances as the caped crusader managed to impress viewers. Hence, the anticipation for it. The revelation of actor Joe Manganiello portrayal of the villain Deathstroke further fueled excitement for it.

However, will another big name star join Ben Affleck and Joe Manganiello in the movie? This could be possible if actress Anna Kendrick had her way. Anna and Ben headline the movie The Accountant. Both lead stars sat down for the press junket for their film with MTV News’ After Hours. However, it is likely the course of the conversation was not what the actor expected.

The spirited actress took the opportunity to express her desire to play Robin in Affleck’s Batman solo movie. Early on, she diverted the discussion towards the stunts in their movie. She then declared her love for superhero movies. Moreover, she certainly was not shy in letting her Accountant co-star know her schedule was open in case he needed someone to play the role of sidekick.

“Holy coincidence, Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?” Anna Kendrick said. She even managed to show Ben Affleck how fast she could change into her Robin costume. Thus, would the actor consider adding a partner? Even one as quirky as Anna? Her presence could make for an interesting twist to the caped crusader’s dark demeanor.

The actress certainly loves superhero movies. She previously received approval from the Russo Brothers in the event a Squirrel Girl movie does happen. However, it might take some time before MCU picks up the idea. Thus, is she banking on DC and Ben Affleck to consider a female sidekick in the Batman solo movie?

Did Anna Kendrick convince Ben Affleck to cast her as Robin in the Batman solo movie?