Recently the first sneak peek of the animation movie “Batman: The Killing Joke” has been released. This clip focuses on everything you need to know about fans’ favorite entertainment piece. The 12-minute footage summarizes the making of the animated movie. The fans get to have a lot of hints about how the movie would be. The featurette also covers interviews of the movie’s creators.

Watch here

It seems like DC put in a lot of effort translating Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 popular graphic novel to animation while still keeping the visual artistic of recent DC animated films, reveals Den Of Geek.

The basic plot remains the same, only a little bit story has been added to make a full-length movie, explained executive producer Bruce Timm.

Timm added,”The one big difference about it, as opposed to those other projects (The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & Part 2), is The Killing Joke… the source material is really not long enough to make an entire feature film out of, so we actually had to add a lot more story to it. Which is tricky. But I think we came up with a really good solution on how that worked.”

The upcoming adaptation of Moore’s “The Killing Joke,” stars Mark Hamill as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman. At the same time, fans will see Tara Strong (The New Batman Adventures) playing Barbara while Gordon/Batgirl and Ray Wise, has been cast set to voice Commissioner Jim Gordon.

During the world premiere of the “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” animated film at SDCC in 2015, DC declared a new selection of animated projects for 2016.  Moore and Bolland’s “The Killing Joke” was the most remarkable one from the list. According to Den Of Geek, this iconic animated film will be produced by Bruce Timm, the person who is behind the success of most of the DC Animated Universe since the early ’90s.

The talent behind it is already impressive, but from the glimpses that we see of the film, this looks like the fans of the story have a lot new to look forward to.

“The Killing Joke” is scheduled for release sometime this year.