The horror psychological thriller “Bates Motel” season 5, is the newest update from the series. Based on the classic movie “Psycho” the story has its own twist and turn to excite minds. Here is a new spoiler for the upcoming season that revealed Norma will be a leading character in season 5 despite her death in the last season.

Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) who we also know as Lauren from the “Conjuring” series is a major character on the show.   However, her death in Season 4 put the fans in a frenzy. Sticking to the plot of original thriller “Psycho” now Norma will again be a mainstay in season 5, reveals showrunner Kerry Ehrin.

“Vera will always be the center of the show in any incarnation because the obsession with her has always driven the show,” he said.

Hollywood Reporter reports that Norma will be alive but in Norman’s mind. At the same time, showrunner Carlton Cuse also conveyed that this sudden death will ripple into the incidents of “Bates Motel “season 5. As stated by Cuse, the upcoming instalment will adapt the story of “Psycho” but will maintain its own individuality by deviating slightly from what the movie did, with characters and incidents playing out just a bit different.

This means the character of Norma in season 5 will be very different than the real Norma from seasons 1 to 4. This new version of her is completely based on the projections from Norman’s psyche. In fact, it was hinted at during the season 4 climax where the vision of Norma matched everything that Norman desired, without her human flaws.

Besides, the famous “Psycho” character Marion Crane will be in “Bates Motel” season 5. Played previously by Janet Leigh in Hitchcock’s 1960 magnum opus, the actor to play the new reiteration of the shower murder victim is yet to be declared.  MNR Daily reported.

“Bates Motel” season 5 is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2017 on A&E.