The final season of “Bates Motel” begins production in September. Freddie Highmore, who joined the writers’ staff yet again for Season 5, believes that it is going to be fresh and new.

Even though he did not give away any juicy bits about the plot, Highmore indicated that Season 5 will be fresh on and about re-establishing new rules. It will also focus on Norman’s mind to finally be in synch with “Psycho.”

According to Inquisitr, Season 5 will reveal Norman’s mental state. According to the “Bates Motel” showrunner, the season will tell the “sad, beautiful, co-dependent love story between a mother and a son.” It is also being argued that though Norma has died in person, she might just be alive and kicking in her son Norman’s mind.

The publication also elaborates that Marion Crane will make an entry this season, setting the stage for the iconic shower murder scene from “Psycho.”

According to Design N Trend, things will surely be different in this final season of “Bates Motel.” “It definitely feels fresh and new,” said Highmore, who plays Norman. “[It will be] re-establishing new rules, and lots of that is gonna take place in [my character’s] Norman mind because [Norma] is actually dead, but to him she’s not. So how that manifests itself throughout the whole season is incredibly exciting,” he added.

Goldderby had a webcam chat with the actor. The publication indicates that Season 5 will have scenes with references to his mother, and will be the trickiest for the actor. “The trickiest stuff is when we see Norman transition into Norma. We’re skeptical as an audience, saying, like, ‘What do you mean he just turned in this moment into another person?’” explained Highmore.

He also added that Vera Farmiga’s performance will be the high point of the final installment. “To see what Vera does with a new version of the character that she’s played masterfully over four seasons is [exciting],” he said.