The Barton Highway witnessed a three-car crash on Monday morning near Wallaroo after which two people were taken to Canberra Hospital.

According to the ABC, the accident occurred at around 8:30 a.m. close to the intersection of Boundary Lane on the highway. Paramedics were called immediately to the spot. There are reports of four injured as of now. No further update has yet been released regarding the status of the hospitalised victims.

The car crash caused delays in both directions for few hours. The northbound lanes of the highway were shut until 10:45 a.m. The traffic during those hours was diverted down to Nanima Road, which was unfit for heavy vehicles and hence restricted their movement. On the other hand, the southbound lanes moved really slow because of the investigation of the incident that occurred in the morning.

However, the highway is now reopened in both directions. The Canberra Times reported that the crash was not the only one reported on the way on Monday. Prior to that, a minor two-car collision was reported at the Gungahlin Drive of the highway at Kaleen. No injuries were reported after the accident, though.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that in late February, a two-car collision occurred that injured two people on the Barton Highway. The collision was reported near Murrumbateman, NSW police confirmed. “The two drivers – thought to be an elderly female and a man aged in his 30s – were trapped in their vehicles for a period of time before being freed,” police said in a statement. “They have both been taken Canberra Hospital for treatment to serious injuries.”

Whenever an accident occurs on the highway, it leads to closure of the roads for hours, which leaves heavy vehicles’ drivers with no other option than to wait for directions to reopen. The delays are usually because of the investigation undertaken by authorities relating to accidents as and when they occur.