The Barracuda Australia series from ABC premiered right in time for the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016.

The four-part series features the challenges faced by a young swimmer as he strives to achieve his ultimate goal. Learn five secrets about the latest drama series to hit the small screen.

1. The Barracuda Australia series certainly offers a generous amount of eye candy. It is set in the mid-nineties during the golden age of Australian swimming. Hence, the scenes with gorgeous and definitely muscular young men in trunks.

2. However, while it might be a feast for the eyes, the series also deals with the pressure that often accompanies any sporting competition. At a young age, the athletes must endure rigorous physical training to be at their best. Moreover, their mental stamina is put to the test as they compete to stand out in their field.

3. Beyond the swimming competition, the Barracuda Australia series also shows the struggle of lead star Danny Kelly (Elias Anton) who is working out his sexuality, according to Gay Star News.

4. The remarks from Rachel Griffiths’ character Samantha Taylor revealed racist undertones for the series. She plays the mother of the star swimmer’s foremost rival. Mama Mia featured The Binge podcast that pointed out how the competitive mom angle added to the burden of the young athletes.

“The ‘competitive mom’ angle of any show really gets me. And I found that the most heartbreaking. I mean, these boys are trying to figure out who they are. They’re trying to find their place in the world. They’re really competitive. They love their swimming. But the moms. It was just heartbreaking to watch. And I just thought, ‘Go Daniel’s mom! I love her. She is a champion and she’s my new favorite character on TV.”

5. The Barracuda Australia series premiered last July 10 on ABC1. However, you can catch up and watch the first episode at this link on ABC iview. The next telecast is on Thursday, July 21 at 9:30 p.m.

Watch the trailer for the Barracuda Australia series.