In the latest commercial of Barbies, there’s a new addition which distinguishes the ad from the rest. There’s a boy in it and he’s not pretending to be Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. The boy in the ad is actually playing with the new limited edition Barbie doll.

According to Daily Life, this was the first time that a boy was included in a Barbie advertisement. The 30-second commercial featured their latest addition to the Barbie collection – the Moschino Barbie. This limited edition doll was created by Mattel in partnership with the Italian fashion brand, Moschino.

In the commercial, two girls and a boy were gushing over the Moschino Barbie. One girl said, “She’s the most Moschino Barbie ever!”

The boy agreed with her and said, “Moschino Barbie – so fierce!” Then he puts the bag on the Barbie’s arm.

Watch the commercial here:

The Moschino Barbie commercial got several praises online for breaking the gender stereotyping that barbies are only for girls. Social media users applauded Mattel that it’s about time to feature a boy playing with Barbies.

Some even noticed that the “fierce” boy has the same haircut of Moschino fashion designer, Jeremy Scott.

The fashion designer told People Style that Barbie had a big influence on him.

“The thing I love about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse and inspired me to become a designer,” Scott said.

The site mentioned that Moschino barbies wear Moschino originals such as the logo-trimmed mesh leggings, mismatched earrings, and layered necklaces. According to Scott, he wanted to bring the brand’s elements to Barbie’s world which is the reverse of their Spring 2015 collection.

“Moschino style is all about humor coupled with high fashion and Barbie allows us to play out these looks in whole new way,” Scott added.

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