The pulp action series “Banshee” is about to start its final season. What should fans expect to see in the last eight weeks of the show’s Season 4?

A lot has happened in the first three seasons of the series about an ex-convict who assumed the identity of a small town’s dead sheriff. But, according to, the show still has a lot to offer. “Punches, blood and bullet holes” are already mainstays on “Banshee.” What else can we expect from the show about “broken people” trying to solve their “problems with violence?” Below, we round up five other things fans can expect from the Cinemax hit’s final season.

1. A Lot of Fire

According to, actress Ivana Milicevic, who plays Carrie, said flames will rise in the final season. “Last year kind of felt wet. This year there’s a lot of fire,” she said. “When I first read Season 4, I thought, ‘Oh, here we go. Buckle up.'”

2. Hood’s New Associate

Will Hood and Proctor set aside their differences and start working together? According to, the “on-again-off-again” rivals could possibly do just that in the upcoming season. “No one knows how to thrive in the corrupt world of Banshee like Proctor,” the TV news site explained. “Hood might need those skills to survive.”

3. Carrie’s New “Coping Mechanism” 

Carrie’s ex Gordon was shot dead last season. How does this now single mom deal with the grief? According to TV Line, a new sneak-peek shows just what she does to cope. And her new coping mechanism involves a dark alleyway, two drunk misogynists and, of course, violence.

4. Darker Times For Job speculates that Job’s story line is “bound to be a bit darker” next season.

5. Nothing Anyone Could’ve Anticipated

“Our big goal [for] Season 4 was to basically defy expectations,” show creator Jonathan Tropp said.