Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital has admitted giving ineffective hepatitis B vaccinations to newborns. However, it is now trying to rectify its mistakes. The hospital is now contacting almost 300 mothers who delivered babies recently.

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital has contacted those who gave birth to babies at the hospital between November 29, 2016 and January 22, 2017. The hospital realized its mistake after it discovered that a particular batch of hepatitis B vaccinations were stored at an incorrect temperature. As a result, the hospital concluded that the vaccines, if they have been given to newborns will remain ineffective on them.

According to reports, six babies have been called back to the hospital to be given new doses of the vaccines. Others are still being contacted. Moreover, Banstown-Lidcombe Hospital has ensured parents that the hepatitis B vaccines given to newborns were not harmful, if not effective.

“However some babies may not have received important early protection against hepatitis B,” Acting Director of Population Health at South Western Sydney’s Local Health District, Stephen Conaty, said as quoted by Conaty added that hepatitis B infections in babies are rarely reported in Australia. However, he advocated rectification of the mistake.

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital Affected Others As Well Besides Newborns

Besides the newborns, three women have also been contacted who received a postnatal vaccination dose for whooping cough. The hospital has offered a replacement dose for them. Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital has been in the news for various issues in the recent times.

The hospital was earlier involved in an issue where oxygen supply outlet defect led to the death of a baby. It also caused injury to another infant.  The incident was reported in July 2016. On the other hand, a report revealed that a newborn baby at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital was harmed by a loss of oxygen in January 2017.

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