A councilor in Ballina Shire wants to install more shark nets in the area. According to Councilor Phillip Meehan, there must be one more shark net at Lennox Head and another one installed in the Richmond River, located near the Shaws Bay Caravan Park.

“The surfing area directly east of the Lennox Head hotel, known as ‘front of the pub’ is the most popular and regular surfboard riding break for children, teenagers and surfing clubs on Seven Mile Beach,” the councilor said, according to Echo Net. Meehan added that this area must have the highest level of shark attack prevention. He pointed out that the families surf here everyday and clubs like Le-Ba Boardriders Club, All Girls Surfriders Club and Lennox Longboarders use this zone weekly while the Skullcandy Oz Grom Open is held here every July.

Speaking of the beach near the Shaws Bay Caravan Park, the councilor adds: “It is one of the most popular beaches in Ballina, with families and young and older people. Hundreds of people in the water and on the beach/reserve is a common sight on summer days. The beach is relatively free from wave action. The sand bottom has a gentle gradient and does not suffer from flood scouring. It does not get a build-up of flood debris in the rain season. It is an ideal physical environment for the installation and success of a shark eco-barrier. Such a barrier is affordable and practical for this location.”

Meehan said he was worried about swimmers getting attacked by bull sharks. These sharks are commonly sighted in Richmond River, he added. The councilor asserted that visitors and residents of Ballina would appreciate if their places of recreation would be made safe. An eco-barrier would be the best option to provide safety while allowing swimmers to experience the ocean, the councilor stated. Meehan’s proposal will be debated this Wednesday in the council chambers in Cherry Street.