Ballers is set to have its renewal for Season 3, it was confirmed in August. There is speculation in the media that the star of the series, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  with his in high demand schedule, might not get his role reprised.

Ballers has been renewed by HBO for its Season 3 but what do the fans still look forward to in the next season?

The show has become one of the HBO’s top-rated programs this year considering its millions of views per episode, but the reviews of the said show were a little critical, especially on the Johnson’s character. They should focus a little on his character, Spencer Strasmore and give the supporting cast more exposure.

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As per Bustle, Season 1 and 2 of ‘Ballers’ spent too much time on Johnson that the supporting cast barely got their own story in the show. In order for a show to always look fresh to its audiences, it has to have a strong establishment of supporting cast by giving them their own story arcs.

As for the premiere date, it would take a long time for new episodes to air on HBO. Fans have to wait a year or more for its airing despite its early renewal for season 3. Due to Johnson’s very busy schedule, the staff and crew of the show, have to adjust with the actor’s schedule as well.

However, The Rock probably doesn’t have any free time in his schedule for the next three years, so it’s not like the series would film early. Fans would expect it to premiere in the mid-2017.

So no, Johnson’s role in ‘Ballers’ didn’t get cancelled, he’s just very, very busy.

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