Police have charged a 61-year-old man with the murder of his elderly mother on Tuesday in the suburb of Balga in Perth.

According to the latest reports, paramedics received a call from the area at around 7:00pm in which they were informed about the woman’s injuries. She was reported standing in front of the house while bleeding from the neck.

Police reached the property on Whitehaven Crescent after receiving information about the heinous act conducted against an 81-year-old woman. They recovered the dead body on the spot. It is believed that the woman was stabbed in the neck, which caused critical injuries.

The ABC also stated that the woman was also her son’s carer. They did not stay together, though. They lived next door to each other in the complex where elderly people live. The forensic department cordoned off the spot and discovered a large tent in the area where the body was found.

Following the incident, the man was interrogated over his mother’s death. Major Crime Squad officers arrested and charged the suspect overnight. The son is scheduled to attend the Perth Magistrates Court proceedings on Wednesday.

It was only in March when a Victorian court heard that a Balga man confessed to his girlfriend that he killed his parents. The 38-year-old son, Ian David Thomas, strangled his mother and shot his father at their family home in Wangaratta. Sixty-three-year- old Pauline and 65-year-old William were killed on April 21, 2013. The son tried to hide the truth and planted evidence to support his innocence but his confession ended it all.

The Crown, according to Perth Now, said that the suspect’s calling on his residential number and leaving a message for his parents was all a setup. The trial of the alleged murderer is still continuing under Justice Lex Lasry after the son pleaded not guilty on two counts of murder.