Have you ever thought of playing a video game to win a real cow as prize? Sounds weird and funny at the same time, doesn’t it? In Tunisia, the developers of a game called Bagra, which translates in Arabic to “cow,” rewarded its top players with the gaming world’s first-ever heifer giveaway.

To win her, the couple had to top its scoreboard by performing better than everyone else in a game. The task is simple: keeping a digital herd of cows safe while stealing from others.

Mobile Phone game, African mobile game Bagra, Real cow as prizeIshi Ray | Australia Network News

According to local website Tuniscope, Digital Mania, the developer of Bagra, offered the top-performers an option between claiming the live cow, donating it to charity, and having it butchered for meat. MSN reveals, luckily for Pamela, her new owners decided to claim her alive and whole. The cow was loaded onto a truck and driven to the home of the iOS and Android game’s winning cow herder.

Have A Look at the Prized Possession of Bagra-Winners Beautiful ‘Pamela’

The game asks participants to tap the screen and position a number of UFOs above a herd of grazing cattle. Players also get bonuses if they invest real-life cash in the game.  The reports have not yet disclosed how much money the winners had to spend in the game to be on the top of the leaderboard. Ars Technica  assumes that the cost was less than paying for an entire cow outright. Runners-up were reportedly rewarded with gizmos as prizes.

Frugal Tunisian cow-seekers might keep their fingers on Bagra for a while longer, since Tuniscope informed that game’s producer, DigitalMania, haS a second cow, Brigitte, up for grabs now.

The next lucky couple will claim Brigitte and choose from the options provided by the Bagra developers. Brigitte’s future is yet to be decided.

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While  these days most mobile phone games “reward” the high-scorers with meaningless internet points, Bagra is proving to be a successful exception offering the players with a fair share of the prize.