Backstreet Boys are back! But this time, rumor has it that they are rooting for country music. Will the fans like the boyband’s new genre?

MTV News reports that BSB and popular country artist Florida Georgia Line are working together. Additionally, the band members and the duo also confirmed that they are indeed having a collaboration.

In the Lab…… Doing something we've never done before…. BSB feature with FGL….. Great record…. Comes out late August….. 💥

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But then, the 90’s boyband made it clear that they will not neglect to make “Backstreet Boys” music. Nick Carter wrote that they are also working on a new Backstreet album as well, so “Get ready!!!”

On the other hand, Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line admits on Rolling Stone that Backstreet Boys was his first concert.

It sounds like a good news for all the BSB fans out there, despite the recent controversy that Carter got into. He was arrested and charged with battery after being involved in a bar fight in Florida a couple of months ago.

According to Miami Herald, he got into a fight after bar management refused to give him service. He was allegedly drunk.

Carter was with his friend Michael Papayans when the incident happened. The reports claimed that he grabbed and punched the bartender while his friend was accused of head butting the manager.

Well, the incident happened months ago so it must not affect the status of the band’s career right now. But it looks like many of the 90’s groups are making buzz online.

Aside from Backstreet Boys, rumors have it that Spice Girls might have a reunion concert to celebrate their 20th year anniversary. A joint tour between BSB and SG would also be possible.

“I think it’s our 20th year next year so we’re going to be doing something at some point with hopefully all of us,” Melanie B. said, according to Telegraph.

“I think this would be the last hurrah—the two big groups from the late ‘90s. Maybe do a world tour, stadiums, stuff like that and do a package together,” adds Carter, quotes E! Online.

Stay tuned for more Backstreet Boys updates.