The surprising twist at the finale could be the biggest shocker of “The Bachelorette” 2016.

With the August finale date just a few weeks away, the latest spoiler for “The Bachelorette” revealed Jordan Rodgers as the winner. This might not be a surprise, as sources tagged him as the frontrunner among the bachelors early on. Hence, this season’s moniker the JoJo and Jordan show. Yet despite his win, the likelihood of forever after does not seem likely. As it turns out, JoJo Fletcher might eventually dump him.

Life & Style Magazine shared details from Phuket about the finale. JoJo allegedly fell in love with the final two men who turn out to be Jordan and Robby Hayes. However, an insider revealed the bachelorette’s doubts about the decision she was about to make.

“She was so torn between the final two guys. She kept crying and crying because she didn’t know what to do. There’s a huge twist at the end. The runner-up got down on one knee and tried to propose to JoJo, but she turned him down. It was so embarrassing for him, but she went with her gut. Even then she kept wondering if she was making a mistake,” LSM quoted the insider.

"I don't want to give this rose out." 🌹 -JoJo #TheBachelorette

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Speculations about why Jordan is on the show could be causing her anxiety. cited various rumors and reports about Jordan from Reality Steve. Apparently, the site received emails from viewers who could likely count as concerned citizens for JoJo. One sender spoke about his characteristics in a manner that sounded more like a warning.

The sender described Jordan as somewhat of a braggart. Moreover, he is allegedly on the show for the sake of publicity, as he wants to break free from the shadow of his famous brother. This could tie in with another sender’s revelation about Jordan’s ambition to become a sports reporter. A third sender emphatically confirmed rumors about him as she revealed they met via a dating website. Thus, could the personality he shows on television be a façade all this time? Hence, the biggest upset on “The Bachelorette” could unfold very soon.