Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris announced the news of her pregnancy on her Instagram page. Harris, 36, announced the news, along with her boyfriend Justin Pasutto.

Both Harris and Pasutto revealed the news of the pregnancy on their individual Instagram accounts.

According the E Online, Pasutto posted a stunning monochrome photograph of Harris standing and gazing down at their lovable dog. In the photo, Harris can be seen, wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts.

“So everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting and frankly I’m tired of everyone telling me to lock it up… I mean if you know Jill she will loose the ring. So I came up with the best invention ever for the love of my life. A little baby miracle in her tummy,” Pasutto wrote in the caption.

On the same caption, Pasutto talked about their dog – Nacho. He said that Nacho, on the other hand, is not sure of what will this mean for him but he too is very “excited.”

Harris also wrote a caption on a selfie, she is sporting on Instagram.

“I can’t remember a time where my heart has been SO full,” she wrote.

“We are over the moon, stoked, blessed, [sic] ecstatic!!!”

Harris also blogged about the news on her official website.

There she wrote that her blog and its community have turned into an extension of their lives. She also said that she is impatient to share the news of her pregnancy to all those who supported, shared love and told stories, on her blog.

She provided other details, where she wrote that she and Pasutto would keep the gender of the baby under wraps.

Harris, who is also an interior decorator, first appeared as a contestant in the Season 13 of The Bachelor, says TV Guide. There she finished in third place.

She was later selected to be the fifth The Bachelorette.