Now that “The Bachelorette” Australia Sam Frost has already chosen Sacha Mielczarek, the next question is who will be Aussie’s next “The Bachelor”?

Among the top contenders are Michael Turnbull and Richie Strahan – the last two bachelors who got eliminated in the reality TV show, noted.

Although there is no official announcement on who will be the next most eligible bachelor Down Under, Michael is already highly considered for the part.

In an interview with PopSugar, Michael admitted that he will definitely consider if the next season of “The Bachelor” Australia will be offered to him.

“Well, it worked for Sam! I’m open to all opportunities. I had such a positive experience, regardless of the outcome — the experience was so great for me…So if I was lucky enough to get offered it, I would definitely consider it. I just really think it was such a positive experience,” he said.

Michael had been considered to do 2014 “The Bachelor” Australia. However, the spot was eventually given to Blake Garvey, who proposed to Sam Frost at the end of the season. Soon after, Blake dumped Sam for runner-up Louise Pillidge.

Michael also told PopSugar that he is single right now.

“I’m just taking some time to regroup and stay by myself, just refocus on a couple of things. Now the finale’s aired I think it’s a good opportunity for me to get back to my normal life and see what happens, what comes at me,” he said.

The 34 -year-old former soccer player also revealed his post-“The Bachelorette” plans.

Michael said he will now focus on his real estate business, One Home Real Estate, and his small technology company, My Athlete Profile.

“Life goes on, so I’m just looking to keep that smile on my face and hopefully the right girl will come my way,” he added.

To win Michael’s heart, you also have to win his father’s nod.

Michael admires his father, whom he considered his mentor and trainer for his property business.