Last episode of “The Bachelorette” saw Sam Frost sending Richie Strahan home, which left many fans hearbroken.

Now, with just Sasha Mielczarek and Michael Turnbull in the running, it appears that Michael is the viewer’s favorite choice to receive the final rose.

Let’s delve into more details, facts and secrets of one of the last bachelors standing, Michael Turnbull:

1. It is a little known fact that Michael’s passion for real-estate was in fact sparked by his father, as noted by Domain.

2. As reported by Daily Mail, Micheal is sporting a new rose tattoo on his arm, further strengthening predictions and rumors that he is currently Sam’s boyfriend.

3. Two-days before the telecast of the semi-final episode, Micheal’s Wikipedia page was updated to reveal that he had indeed won the rose to stay and be in the running, as noted by Daily Mail.

4. He is extremely passionate about his real estate business. During an interview, he told Domain: “I am someone who builds and grows businesses and real estate is one of a few businesses that I have and I am passionate about it. I am at a stage now where OneHome doesn’t need me on the ground, and I try to be involved as much as I can and help my customers.”

5. He is a very responsible man as evidenced in the fact that he chose to get his finances in order over relentlessly splurging on things and wants he does not really need. He shared with Domain, “I invested my money in property as a professional football player, instead of spending it on parties and fast cars.”

6. He has garnered quite a following, thanks to the show,  now he has to deal with ladies calling him to set up dates at his work place.  It now has become a chore separating potential vendors from adoring fans or maybe even would-be stalker.

7. The connection he shares with Sam Frost on the show is notably present and the fans didn’t miss it. Richie definitely noticed as he told, “When I left that mansion and was heading home I personally felt Michael and Sam had a pretty good connection.”

8. The former footballer was recently seen shopping at Tiffany for what appeared to be an engagement ring. This incident has led many to believe that pro-footballer turned estate agent would indeed be the one to win over Sam’s heart.

9. Micheal’s father was his mentor; he trained and prepared his son for the property business. Michael was quoted saying during the Domain interview, “I have been involved in the investment market for 14 years, with rentals, and my father trained me very well – he had 13 or 14 rental properties when he was raising me as a kid.”

10. On Wednesday night, Micheal arrived at Sydney airport with a big smile on his face, as noted by DailyMail. Do we have a winner on our hands? With just a couple of hours to go, fans will know soon enough.

Fans can catch “The Bachelorette” finale episode tonight at 7.30pm on Ten.