The winner of the first ever season of “The Bachelorette” Australia will be revealed tonight while all eyes are on the two remaining contestants – Sasha and Michael.

Sasha has been a frontrunner on the reality TV show since day one. Read on to find out more about Sasha Mielczarek.

1. First kiss. Sasha got the first kiss, actually the first two kisses, from Sam Frost on the show. The first smooch was at the cocktail party after their salsa dance and the next steamy kiss was during their mural painting date.

2. First rose. He was also the first bachelor who received a rose after he crafted a red rose from a piece of paper and gave it to Sam on their first meeting at the mansion.

3. Close family ties. Sasha told PopSugar that he has very close ties to his family. He admitted that the home visit last week was a bit awkward since his family don’t do much of formal dinners. Sasha said, “My family is very laid back and very relaxed. We sit around, we have a barbecue, we never sit at a formal dining table. We sit on the couch, we have beer and wine and laugh and just take the piss out of one another.”

4. Love for mum. Sasha adores his mum so much. “She is an amazing woman and she has made me the person I am today and I’ve got so much love and respect for her,” he said.

5. A true gentleman. The 30-year-old “The Bachelorette” Australia finalist has high regard for Sam. “I was trying to give her as much as I can or feel comfortable with at that stage, to let her know that I’m here for the right reasons,” he admitted during the PopSugar interview.

6. “The Bachelor” Australia 2016. Sasha said that if ever he failed to take home Sam’s heart, he would consider being the next “The Bachelor” Australia if ever he will be asked to do the show.

7. Sasha’s ex. The bachelor from NSW was previously engaged to Laura Dundovic’s cousin, Martina Males, New Idea wrote. The two were due to tie the knot after being together for two years but they end up breaking off their engagement instead. 

8. Jewelry. The 30-year-old construction manager had both his ears pierced with gold and diamond earrings during his early year, the Daily Mail noted.

9. Hashtag. Sasha admitted that he is not an expert in social media, particularly in using hashtags. “I’ve got a great media following now on Instagram, although I’ve just figured out how to use the hashtag thing. I’ve actually been writing “hashtag” through all of them!” he said. 

10. Workaholic. Sasha told PopSugar he went right back to work as soon as he got out of the house.

“The Bachelorette” Australia finale airs tonight on Network Ten at 7.30pm.