“The Bachelorette” is weeks away from wrapping up Season 12. Although reports claim that the winner of the reality series is Jordan Rodgers, it may be too early to tell. It seems contestant Luke Pell won JoJo Fletcher’s heart the way he captured fans’ attention. Will he likely win the competition? Below we round up five reasons he’s perfect for JoJo.

1. He would do anything for you.

The 31-year-old hopeful listed “War Veteran” as his occupation, Romper noted. He went to West Point and served the military for five years. He was a “a platoon leader, fire direction officer, fire support officer and member of the 101st Airborne in Afghanistan. His years of training made him a person “who would do anything for love.”

2. He’s the life partner you’ve always dreamed of.

According to Romper, Luke’s three best attributes are competence, patience and empathy. He looks up to Superman and hates indecisions. Likewise, he also believes it’s best to leave the past relationships behind.

3. He’ll make you swoon with his songs.

He’s a singer and he doesn’t just sing as a hobby. Luke has a band which performed in Austin during South By Southwest. Check out his website to listen to this country music performer. In addition, you may also listen to his songs through iTunes.

4. He’s serious and determined to find love.

“It means two people, who consider themselves best friends, lovers, and soulmates, decide to take on life together and build a life and family of their own” – this is how Luke describes marriage.

5. He’s the whole package.

“The Bachelorette” star  Chris Harrison thinks he’s one of the best candidates this season.

“He was a platoon leader in the Afghan war and he also has the ridiculous Hollywood leading man good looks. He is smart, kind and charming. He is the whole package. He is a Texas boy, so he and JoJo have that in common. He really fits for JoJo,” Harrison admitted.

What more could you ask for, right? Do you think JoJo Fletcher will pick him at the final rose ceremony?

Catch Luke Pell on “The Bachelorette” which airs every Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.