The season finale of this run of “The Bachelorette” will not air for another two months. But has the identity of JoJo Fletcher’s choice already been revealed? Will she really pick Jordan Rodgers in the end?

According to Yibada, she would. Sources claim that Rodgers will be this season’s winner. He’d end up facing off with Robby Hayes at the final rose ceremony. But Fletcher will pick Rodgers. They will even end up engaged after the finale. Or at least, that’s what Yibada’s sources say. This has yet to be confirmed, though. Who is Rodgers anyway? Why would Fletcher end up choosing him in the end? Below, we round up five secrets you should know about this rumored “Bachelorette” winner.

1. He has a pretty famous brother.

According to Romper, Jordan is the brother of NFL star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers player, however, has not said anything about Jordan’s new TV stint. Jordan used to play, too. But he has since retired.

2. This is not the first time fans will see Jordan on screen, though.

He had a tiny role on “Pitch Perfect 2.” He appeared with a couple of Green Bay Packers during a “riff-off scene.”

3. He loves his alma mater.

He graduated from the Vanderbilt University with a degree in Humanities and Organisational Development. He is “often” seen visiting the campus.

4. He initially wanted to be the next “The Bachelor.”

According to Yibada, Rodgers admitted that this was the only reason he joined “The Bachelorette.” But if the rumors of his engagement are true, he might not need his own reality show to find Ms. Right anymore – he’s already found her in Fletcher.

5. He leads a very active lifestyle.

As Bustle pointed out, Rodgers does cross fit. He plays golf. He also flies planes. He even trains future quarterbacks.