The Bachelorette 2016 finale is here and we will finally know whom JoJo Fletcher will choose.

Fletcher will pick between Jordan Rodgers and Robby Haynes. ABC released the synopsis of the season finale on the official website that states it is going to be one of the most dramatic events ever this season.

Both Jordan and Robby have been the frontrunners this season. Their chemistry with Fletcher is undeniable. However, their motives of joining the reality TV show have been questioned too. There have been rumors that they joined The Bachelorette to get famous. Fans raised concerns on Jordan’s estrange relationship with his brother, NFL star Aaron Rodgers. Robby, on the other hand, allegedly broke up with his girlfriend to join The Bachelorette 2016.

Who will win between Jordan and Robby? What will be the deciding factor for JoJo?

Apparently, it is going to be her parents.

Fletcher’s parents along with her sibling will arrive at the Thai island of Phuket, Malaysia before the final rose ceremony. The family will meet the two men battling out for their daughter’s heart.  This is where things will get a little complicated.

Jordan will be the first to meet the Fletchers. However, things may not go as smooth as he expected. JoJo’s mother has some reservations about him and it seems that he will also forget to ask Mr. Fletcher’s father permission to marry his daughter.

Robby’s meeting with the Fletchers, on the other hand, goes pretty well. In a teaser, he was seen asking not only JoJo’s father but also her mother of permission to marry their daughter.

According to Us Weekly, Fletcher will accept a wedding proposal on a beach in Phuket after she let the runner-up go. JoJo will reportedly profess her love for the runner up and will tell him “I wanted it to be you” while sobbing before she will still let him go. It was previously teased that Fletcher will struggle to decide who will she choose in the end as she is in love with both men.

Is JoJo going to dump Jordan?

Don’t miss The Bachelorette 2016 in its three-hour finale on Monday (Aug. 1) at 8 p.m. on ABC.