“The Bachelorette” 2016 star JoJo Fletcher has been rumoured to be threatening to leave the show, less than a month before the show premiere.

“The Bachelor” runner-up has reportedly having some diva demands to the show’s producers.

Inquisitr cited a report from to OK! Magazine which wrote Fletcher is having constant problems with producers. She allegedly agreed to appear on the reality show only if show’s executives met a long list of her demands, which are mostly about the contestants. The real estate developer allegedly went so far as to provide a list of requirements that she find suitable for each contestant.

“The fame and attention definitely fed JoJo’s ego. She wouldn’t accept anything less than what she asked for. If her requirements weren’t met, she told ABC she would quit,” a source told the magazine.

Apparently, Fletcher’s list of requirements includes all of her suitors should to be very successful and rich. She allegedly also demanded that they all share certain physical requirements, including height and hair color, which explain why most of this season’s contestant have similar appearance.

“Her type is very tall and dark-haired. So that’s who she wanted to choose from, [though] she’d be open to a few blonds,” the source added.

Despite the list of demands, producers were able to meet all of her requirements. However, Fletcher reportedly still having conflict with producers and has been acting like a diva on set.

Meanwhile, ABC released the first trailer for “The Bachelorette” 2016, Mail Online reported.

The teaser showed JoJo Fletcher in a glittering gold dress for her first meeting with the contestants. She was also shown excited while waving to a group of contestants who shouted her name from a ferry. “I’m officially the new Bachelorette. Bring on the men!” she said in the promo trailer.

“The Bachelorette” Season 12 premieres on May 23 on ABC.