The Bachelorette 2016 JoJo Fletcher has just started TV quest for love, but rumours are already suggesting that the brunette beauty has already chosen her groom.  According to latest reports, it looks like Aaron Rodger’s equally hot brother, Jordan Rodgers, is a top contender for the role.

According to a Hollywood Take article, fans are already predicting that Rodgers will go far in the show, with some even claiming that he will get the final rose. Trusted reality TV show source, Reality Steve, even claimed that Fletcher and Rodgers will have good chemistry- so good that the two will reportedly share a kiss instantly!

“At the cocktail party, JoJo will complain about how she didn’t have an instant connection,” Hollywood Take noted. “But then she’ll start talking to Jordan on The Bachelorette. She’ll feel a “natural ease” around him and he’ll give her his jacket. He’ll make her feel “confident and sexy and helping my nerves go away.” He’ll then regret not kissing her.

“Jordan will later steal JoJo away and kiss her like he wanted to on The Bachelorette,” the report added. “In the end, JoJo will give Jordan the first impression rose.”
Reality Steve also shared that it would seem that Rodgers already has his win in the bag. “Obviously, Jordan was the front runner from the get go, and from everything I’ve heard for the last two months, I would be pretty surprised if she didn’t pick him in the end,” he claimed.

Fletcher was very candid in a new interview with Extra.  Although this wasn’t her first time to be part of a reality show, the brunette beauty still can’t believe that men are vying to win her love.

“This is not normal life! It’s crazy to think that 25 guys are here to meet me, and I hope they’re excited that it’s me,” she said. “I’m crazy excited.”