“The Bachelorette” is no stranger to controversy. Since it debuted on ABC in 2003, every season has had its share of the spotlight for one reason or another. This 2016 is no different.

However, this time around, the controversy hits a more sensitive tone. Moreover, it involves no less than the show’s creator Mike Fleiss.

Did he mean to diss Caila Quinn for being half-Filipino? Or was he merely torn between what he wanted for dinner?

Yibada reported about the tweet posted by Fleiss on March 6.

The website noted his references to two distinct dishes, BBQ Chicken and Thai food. However, by March 16, Fleiss posted a second tweet that seemed like a follow up to it.

Many fans did not find it amusing, Yibada noted. Comparing Caila Quinn and JoJo Fletcher to food was “disturbing, sexist, and racist” fans said.

According to Quinn’s bio for “The Bachelor” as posted on ABC, she is half-Filipino and half-German/Irish/Swiss.

US Weekly revealed earlier that Caila Quinn would be the next Bachelorette. However, the website recently updated its post. It now reports that producers dropped Quinn and chose JoJo Fletcher instead for season 12 of “The Bachelorette”.

Despite the setback, Quinn is not bitter about the last minute replacement. She’s even sent out a tweet to congratulate them.

Quinn is also moving on. In a separate post from US Weekly, the website revealed that she’s headed to New York City.

“She already had a job lined up [in New York City], and she is so excited!” a source told US Weekly.

“She’s really focused on that right now and just happy about this new start in a new city,” the source added.

“Caila is excited and hopeful about the possibility of finding love in New York,” the source revealed as well.

Quinn’s recent Instagram post about moving forward.